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He Cavanagh

HE Cavanagh: bespoke video content creation, live video performance & installation, royalty-free video loops, community education

I'm a multimedia artist and educator based in Brighton, specialising in video content creation and small to medium-scale productions for music and business events. I have been freelancing as a video artist and technician since 2008, and have been running a Prince's Trust supported business since 2010. 

My video content specialisms include promotional videos (for music, non-profits and events), web video, and video clip production for live use. I also perform live at various music and art events. 

I'm extremely interested in informal and new models of education, from both learning and a teaching perspective.

- HE Cavanagh

He Cavanagh's Background

He Cavanagh's Experience

SEN teaching assistant (Brighton, UK) at Adult education college

2012 - Present

I work as a Special Educational Needs teaching assistant, supporting one adult learner with additional learning needs during two classes per week. I currently assist in literacy and numeracy classes, and previously worked with a student attending English for Speakers of Other Languages classes.

self-employed (international) at

2008 - Present

bespoke video content creation, royalty-free stock footage, live visual projections & installations

He Cavanagh's Education

The Open University

2011 – 2014

BA/BSc Design & Innovation

Concentration: design, design thinking, arts, curation, heritage, ict, business

He Cavanagh's Interests & Activities

films, video, editing, learning, libraries, education, reading, zines

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